Friday, February 9, 2018


This week has been a week, I feel like so much happened! I mean there was the Super Bowl, the Kylie announcement, now the Olympics, and NYC fashion week just started! Who knew so many things could be happening in February. I'm actually super excited for the Olympics to start, I seriously love the Olympics. I can't say I'm super into sports but omg I love the Olympics and I'm especially partial to the Winter Olympics. Which if you're not watching the opening ceremony tonight then what are you doing? loljk I'm not watching them either because I'll be on the plane bish! But more on that later *insert winky face*. Now onto some exciting links, again I'm super excited about everything that I'm sharing with you today! So cozy up with a big mug of coffee or tea and get ready to dig in!

Starting off incase you have been living under a rock this past week Kylie finally broke her silence on her pregnancy!!! She announced her pregnancy and birth in this Instagram post and uploaded this video about her pregnancy which may or may not have made me tear up a little (oops...).

Also check out Team USA's opening ceremony uniform, designed by Ralph Lauren of course. I have to say the gloves are eh and a little over the top, but the jackets are heated!!

Totally lusting over these jeans that Madewell just dropped, the cut is perfection but the price tag not so much.

This interesting note on fashion week and what's to come, who said fashion isn't political?

In the same vein of fashion week Pantone released their color forecast for Fall/Winter 2018 and I think it's so interesting. They also curated these amazing images to help portray their color palette and it's amazing (seriously jealous of that person's job).

I know I mentioned Timothee Chalamet last week, but Frank Ocean interviewed him here and it's great.

All of the heart eyes for Gray Malin at the Coral Casino. I love the pastel and retro vibes of it!

I discovered this Instagram account this week and my! am I obsessed. I am obsessed with the little puppy, her pink nose is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Finally, the cutest macaron DIY.

Thanks for reading!!

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