Sunday, January 28, 2018


I know, I know I just made a Links post not even a week ago but there were just a lot more things that I got excited about, I couldn't not post one! How has your week been? Mine has been kind of slow, I've just been working and watching movies... But I am sorta looking forward to the Grammys this weekend. I'm not super into celebrities and such but award shows just get me, I would rather be watching the Oscars but w/e.... Anyways hope you enjoy some of the links I have to share!

Oscar nominations were released this week! Despite not being the biggest movie buff I love the Oscars... Which if your like me and have only seen a couple of the nominated movies here's how you can change that.

I think we can collectively agree that Millie Bobby Brown was the cutest on the red carpet at the SAG Awards.

Urban has the best graphic tees rn. omg. I love this one, this one, this sweatshirt, and I have of course been eyeing this tee for months.

While we're "shopping" I saw this swimsuit the other day in Target and am obsessed, it's so cute.

As I've mentioned I loved The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, so of course loved this super cute little clip of Rachel Brosnahan.

An interesting, and quick read, of what it's like being an immigrant in the US. These eight statements are all voices that need to be heard and are important in the conversation about immigration.

This great article about the 5 love languages you never knew about, my personal faves would be quiet time and gifs.

I'm loving Aerie's newest campaign, of course.

Last but not least if you have some extra money to spend the Diptyque Valentine's collection is to die for.

Thanks for reading!!

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