Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm Going to Amsterdam!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this but, surprise! I'm going to Amsterdam!! Y'all I can't even begin to explain how excited I am!! I have been dying to go to Amsterdam for years, and the time is getting closer with each passing second!! This is a super exciting trip because not only am I going to Amsterdam, but I am also going with some of my very closest friends! It's all a bit surreal. With that I keep getting nervous that a blizzard or something is going to pop-up and force us to cancel our plans, so cross your fingers y'all!

In celebration of my exciting plans I made a fun little bucket list of things that I want to be sure to do while we are in the city that I wanted to share! So this is perfect if you happen to have any upcoming plans to visit Amsterdam or if you just want to know more about the city and what all is there!

1. Visit the Anne Frank House

I feel like this one is a little self-explanatory. I mean you can't visit Amsterdam and not visit the Anne Frank House. Growing up I was always enamored by her story and have always wanted to visit the Secret Annex ever since I found out that you could visit it.

2. Take pictures at the I Amsterdam sign

Again I bit self-explanatory, but it's the classic tourist thing to do.

3. Eat Dutch food

Being a self-professed foodie I can't visit somewhere and not want to eat their food. While I'm not 100% sold on pickled herring, I mean I would definitely try it. I am completely down for some pofferjes, bitterballen, stoopwafels, and gouda cheese.

4. Explore the neighborhoods

Upon doing research I've read a lot about Amsterdam's different neighborhoods, especially when deciding where to stay. This is most specifically pointed at the Jordaan as this is supposedly a neighborhood area full of pretty houses, totally up my alley (pun intended). But with that in mind, I would also love to get a feel for all of the different neighborhoods too.  

5. Visit the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum

I have to admit I haven't done a whole lot of research as to what all is housed in the Rijksmuseum but I have seen pictures of the library and that is a good enough reason to go in my book (sorry I couldn't resist). Also the Van Gogh Museum because I love me some Van Gogh and 19th-century impressionism.

6. See the Fault in Our Stars bench

I mean.... *insert information desk* (may or may not have googled to find what that emoji was called)

7. Go shopping!

Um because why wouldn't I go shopping in a new city?!

8. Cycle along the canals

I have admit that I am not sure if this is a thing that I actually want to do. The idea of biking in cities actually is borderline terrifying. But everyone rides bikes in Amsterdam and I mostly just added it because it was a touristy thing to put on here.

9. Drink coffee

So I actually read that coffee was first introduced to Europe through the ports in Amsterdam. So even though I want to drink coffee everywhere I go, I need to drink it in the place where it was introduced to the Western world! Also in a place where coffee has been a tradition for so long it has to be good right?! *Also this is not to be confused with visiting coffee shops. Apparently coffee shops in Amsterdam are where you go to buy marijuana. I don't want drugs, I just want actual coffee.

10. Walk through Dam Square

Again just another classic touristy thing that you have to see while you are in the city.

Yay! I am so excited to have finally shared this news with you all! Now that this trip is all out in the open I definitely have some fun and informative travel related content to come! This is my first time planning a trip on my own and I have to say I have already learned a lot and will probably continue to learn more. I am super excited to take you all along on this journey!

Thanks for reading!!

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