Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cozy Shows

As we are all well aware we are stuck in the midst of winter, with countless cold days ahead of us it can be difficult to remember there was ever a world where warm weather existed. While winter is easy to despise, the cold weather creates the perfect excuse for cozying up indoors and binging on some shows.

I know I am always someone who is on the hunt for a new show to watch so I've created a list of my some of my favorite shows to cozy-up on the couch to. The majority of these shows aren't new, but these are for sure my go-tos for cozy days. So instead of hating the cold embrace hygge and light your candles, grab a mug of hot chocolate, and a fuzzy blanket and settle down for a cozy night in with a good show.
Gilmore Girls | I'm pretty sure I've droned on about Gilmore Girls before, but I just love this show! It's literally the perfect feel good, cozy show. While the new reboot A Year in the Life left much to be desired, the original show never fails (particularly seasons 2-3, or any episode with Jess). The show takes place in the adorable tiny town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut focusing on the best mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Between the adorable New England setting and the mother-daughter dynamic makes for the perfect cozy show.  Unpopular opinion: I am kind of obsessed with Rory Gilmore, like I just love her (probably because I feel like I relate to her a lot).
Call the Midwife | This show took me forever to get into, it probably took me at least a year to watch the first episode. But once I sat down and watched a few more episodes I was hooked. The premise of this show is centered around a group of midwives living and working in a poverty-stricken neighborhood in London. While this show can often be an emotional roller coaster, each episode ends with such optimism that just makes you feel so good. I've also never been someone who's interested in medical stuff, but this show has made me more interested in medical stuff. It makes me want to be a nurse until reality hits and I realize I could never be a nurse.
Friends | Again another show that I’m sure I have droned on about in the past but I just had to include Friends. This is by far my favorite sit-com and it never gets old (the amount of episodes probably helps that). It’s also a show that I find myself relating to a lot too, as it’s centered around the lives of a group of twenty-something (eventually 30) friends living in New York City and learning how to be an adult. I just love the friendship aspect of this show and seeing how they all became each others family. The characters are also not only really well developed but none of them are depicted as "perfect" either, throughout the seasons you get to watch each one go through their own highs and lows which makes it super relatable too. Long story short you need to seriously watch friends if you haven't.
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | I have to admit before starting this show I was skeptical mostly because it's made by Amazon Prime, but after hearing that it had been nominated for several Golden Globes I decided to give it a chance. I'm so glad I did because oh my goodness it's so good! The show takes place during the 1950s and Midge Maisel (Mrs. Maisel) has dedicated her life to being the perfect housewife up until her world comes crashing around her. This show is actually really empowering because you get to watch Midge Maisel re-build her life and become her own person after dedicated so many years to her husband and her parents. I also love the fashion in this too, Midge always looks fab.
Sherlock | Now I know this show seems a bit random out of the bunch but it is honestly one of my all time favorite cozy-time shows. Out of all these shows this one just screams to be watched by the fire with a fresh mug of tea. Long story short it's a modern take on Sherlock Holmes set in London, of course. This show just has everything for captivating and mysterious plots, a little bit of humor (and a lot a bit of dry humor), quirky characters, and a tiny bit of romance all in one. Which I now want to go watch Sherlock after talking about it.

What are some of your favorite shows to cozy up to?

Thanks for reading!!

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