Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Beauty Haul

So I feel like I have to preface this post by saying I'm definitely not the biggest beauty person. I feel like I was more into make-up when I was in high school, but it just turned into something I didn't want to spend heaps of money on. With that being said I recently bought some new make-up things and I wanted to share them because I am actually super excited about it! It has been a minute since I've bought new make-up that wasn't just replacing something I've run out of and I've forgotten how fun it can be! Being a long time watcher of YouTube, I have watched many of hauls so I figured if people can post videos of things they bought why can't I make a blog post of some things that I have recently bought.

To start this haul off a few weeks back I randomly decided to place an order from ColourPop. ColourPop is a brand that I have heard about for years but never actually used any of their products until now and I have to say I might be hooked. I  of course picked up 3 of their infamous matte liquid lipsticks, a highlighter, and an eyeshadow. 

The first lip color I picked up is in Aquarius 2 which is kind of one of those trendy browny/pinky nudes that are super in right now. It's described on the website as being mauvey griege which I think is pretty accurate, as it is definitely a cooler toned nude. I definitely love this color but I just always have a hard time with nudes, my lips are super rosy so I often feel like they just look odd on me. But one day I will hopefully have the guts to wear this out because I do really like it.

I love this color, it is seriously my perfect "nude"/neutral shade. It's not to brown and it's not to pink, I highly recommend this if you have the same problem as me of finding nude shades that suit you.

The last Ultra Matte Lip I picked up is from their super adorable My Little Pony collection and again I am obsessed with this color. The website describes it as being a blackened plum and I think that is a perfectly accurate description. I'm always a big fan of a good berry-toned lip and this is definitely no exception. I've been wanting a super deep berry color for ages and this has definitely filled that void. Btw isn't it funny how I am perfectly comfortable wearing this but the nude shade scares me?...

Before I continue on I just want to add a quick note on the Ultra Matte Lips. I'm super happy with these and impressed with the quality. They're super creamy to apply and they are really pigmented, like the color in the tube is what you get. They are also extremely long lasting, which I think is partially due to them being matte, as they basically dry on your lips and the color will be there all day. The only con of that is that they do tend to dry out your lips, but again I think that's just the nature of matte products.

This are super cool! I picked this up to use as highlight/eyeshadow. I have to admit when I first opened this I was like, well maybe I'll just be using this as an eyeshadow as I didn't realize how dark the color was. But don't let the color in the picture scare you, as these actually blend out like a dream and I'm pale af. While I'm saving to use this as a highlight for summer, I have been using it as eyeshadow and it's the perfect light golden-y shimmer. The formula of this is super cool too, it's like kind of bouncy and a cross between a cream and powder product.

So I couldn't resist the freaking adorable My Little Pony collection and had to pick up another product. So I bought this product thinking it would just be a pretty shimmery pink-y champagne (aka my kinda shadow). Which the color is a really pretty pink-y champagne but what I didn't realize is that this wasn't just going to be shimmer-y but also glittery. I'm generally not super into glitter but I also am kinda into this product. While this might not be in my everyday circulation it's definitely great for a day when I'm feeling spunky or a night out. The formulation of this eyeshadow is kind of similar to the highlight too, where it's not quite a cream or a powder but some cool halfway point.

So the second portion of this haul is a couple Asian beauty products that I just picked up last week! I have been super interested in Asian beauty things for years now, ever since "beauty gurus" started talking about them on YouTube. They definitely can be hard to find and get a hold of in the US but I've recently discovered that Amazon actually carries a plethora of different products, which is where I picked all of these things up from. But another great resource that I have used in the past is Pretty & Cute

I have been using the BB Cream for years, this is actually the only thing in this haul that I have used in the past. But this is a product that I often find myself turning to every winter as it just feels really nourishing on the skin. I don't like super thick or heavy foundations but I do like some coverage and this is the perfect product. It's interesting because it does have really good coverage and the product is pretty thick and moisturizing, but once you apply it, it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin at all. Before I used this I was also worried about the color, as I'm pale af and it does only come in one shade. But it actually comes out with a slight gray-cast and the color oxidizes and adjusts to your skin tone, crazy right?

This is a Japanese product I've heard people rave about for years and I am finally trying it! I've only used it once but so far really like it. It's a super dark black color and it's super easy to make super fine lines or thicker lines and it hasn't smudged yet!

I had to insert another picture of this product because it is just so cute! So this is another Korean product and I love it too. Again I've only used this once so far but so far so good. It's a really pretty bright coral pink color, it's really pigmented but, again, blends out like a dream. The formulation of this too is also a squishy in between of a powder/cream product.

What beauty things are you loving right now?

Thanks for reading!!

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