Friday, August 11, 2017


Hope everyone out there has had a great week! Some excited things have happened to me this past week and I can't wait to share, but I don't want to jinx it yet!! The future has been looking slightly brighter recently, which is good! Also, to all of you who are going back to school soon hope you are soaking up your last few weeks of summer!! You probably hate me for reminding you, but I may or may not be slightly jealous. I wanted to share a links post as it's been a couple weeks since I've shared some and as I've said before and will continue to say these are some of my favorite things to post!

As someone who is very often prone to runaway from feelings (one of my more undesirable qualities), this is a really refreshing read on feelings and how we shouldn't look at them as problems to be solved. The best quote from the article is, "You've been around long enough to know that dark places aren't locked rooms, but tunnels."

Someone created a Twitter thread on how Joey and Rachel should've ended up together and it is the best, and I thought I was the only one who didn't hate the Joey and Rachel thing!!

Speaking of Friends Matt LeBlanc shared the real reason why Joey had a sling in this recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Harry Potter's childhood home is on the market!!

This cute song by Dodie.

I saw Dunkirk last week and to quickly sum it up and was intense and the cinematography was beautiful. Here's an interesting article on what people who were actually in Dunkirk thought of the film.

This timely blogpost by Shannon about tips and tricks for your LinkedIn profile, literally much needed because mine is V. sad (aka it exists to the extent that I made an account).

Confession: I watched Life of Kyle and I didn't hate it. KUWTK is my guilty pleasure and I don't know why I kind of love that show/fam.

Ugh, Sade's outfit is to die for.

Hope you have a fab weekend!!
Thanks for reading!!

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