Monday, August 14, 2017


I am sure you have heard of Glossier, I mean who hasn't? I feel like everyone and their mom has been going on about Glossier for ages and I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Actually I was very skeptical, which I usually am with these bandwagon things. For a while whenever I saw someone mention it I would internally roll my eyes and wonder when people were going to stop fan-girling over the brand.

Well loe and behold I picked up the summer issue of Domino Magazine where not only is Emily Weiss (found and CEO of Glossier) on the cover but there was an entire article on the company. Which is where my feelings towards the brand took a complete 180, I really enjoyed reading about the history behind the brand and Emily Weiss' passion for her company, and that Glossier came to fruition through dedication and hard work. One of my favorite things I learned about the brand is that they have a specific Pantone shade picked out for their branding, Pantone 705C, if that's not brilliant I don't know what is. Anyways I started paying attention to it more when it would pop-up and I found myself frequenting their website and blog (Into the Gloss), and suddenly lusting over their products and wanting to be a cool girl who uses Glossier. Apart from that Glossier is more than an "aesthetic" brand, but a company that supports the modern woman and encourages her to be her best self and feel good in her own skin (cringe?).
Long story short Glossier was offering free shipping for a day the other week and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and pick up a product that I have been eyeing for a while. Now it may be something quit boring to some but it was something that I knew I would use and love and that is the Birthday Balm Dotcom, it's just birthday cake scented lip balm, but you guys I'm in love and not just the product but the whole brand. They have their branding down to a tee, and you also get so much free swag (cringing at using that word) with your purchase! AKA stickers and a free makeup bag!! Anyways I made this post to announce to the world that I am total Glossier girl now and you should be too because they are an amazing brand!

Thanks for reading!!

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