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As our stay in Venice quickly came to an end the next stop on our journey was the beautiful city of Florence. Coming to Florence from Venice, Florence made Venice seem like a sleepy city. Venice is a city made of windy paths and canals, there are no cars. We arrived in Florence to traffic, bikes, and pedestrians, but with that being said Florence is still a small quaint city.

Italy is a country that is not lacking in rich history and that is more than evident in the city of Florence. After dropping our bags off at the hotel we ventured into the city and went off in search of the Duomo. A quick trot from our hotel, we turned the corner and were all shocked at how enormous and beautiful it was in real life. I'm sure we've all seen pictures of the Duomo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria but nothing compares to seeing it in real life, it is easily one of the prettiest churches I have ever seen. I actually embarrassingly don't really have many pictures of the church just because I knew that I picture wouldn't capture the beauty of the building.

Our time in Florence was spent eating delicious meals and oogling at all of the history that is easily found all throughout the city.
As I've mentioned a lot of our time in Florence was spent learning about the city's rich history. We spent a lot of time in museums too, which if you go to Florence you cannot miss the Accademia Gallery or the Uffizi Gallery both of these galleries are full of famous masterpieces that have been studied for hundreds of years. Again, I embarrassing don't have many pictures from either of these places as I feel like pictures don't do any of the pieces justice.

Things We Did:
Accademia Gallery- As I have just mentioned you cannot go to Florence without a visit to the Accademia. Housing some of the worlds most famous artwork like Michelangelo's "David" which is simply ginormous and breathtaking in real life.

Uffizi Gallery- Again another museum you cannot miss in the city. This gallery is packed to the gill with famous Renaissance artwork and houses every from work by Botticelli, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and again Michelangelo; just to name a few.
Boboli Gardens- These historic gardens aren't only a beautiful place to take a stroll. But offer gorgeous views of the city. At the top of the hill in one direction you will see the gorgeous rolling hills of Tuscany and the opposite offers a beautiful view of the city full of red roofs.
Top of the Duomo- I mean the Duomo is one of the most iconic sights in Florence how can you not visit the top?!
Basilica di San Lorenzo- Out of all the churches in Florence this one was super cool. My favorite thing was that from the outside it looks super boring and not very fancy, but then you walk in and it's a gorgeous church on the inside.
Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Baptistry- I mean just as iconic as the Duomo itself you cannot go to Florence and not see these sights.

Where We Ate
Yay! The "Where We Ate" Florence is going to be much more exciting than the Venice one I promise!!

Pepo- This little restaurant was literally a block from our hotel and we ate here twice! The food is delicious and they serve you a glass of Prosecco to enjoy while browsing the menu, so I mean....
La Menagere- Literally the cutest trendiest restaurant in the city. This place is funny because it's  like a cafe, restaurant, and bar all in one. We went here one morning for breakfast, coffee and croissants, and the cappuccinos and pastries did not disappoint.

Mercato Centrale- A giant indoor food market that is an excellent stop for lunch. My whole family got lunch from a mozzarella place and it did not disappoint.
Amorino- Onto the gelato. Fun fact: my family cannot go to a city with Amorino without going to there. It's a must.

Edoardo- This might have been my favorite gelato of the trip. I got chocolate hazelnut and cinnamon and it was the best decision I have ever made. I decided to go on a whim and get cinnamon and was magical, it was like eating Christmas.

Gelateria dei Neri- Okay not going to lie this gelato was delish too. I don't recall what I ordered but it was good.
This was the birth place of Mona Lisa!

Thanks for reading!!

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