Monday, August 7, 2017

Dorm Room Essentials

Since moving home from college the majority of my things have been sitting in the garage for the past two months, until recently. Since all of my stuff is stuck here, along with myself, my parents decided that it needed to go in a better location. We ended up hauling it all down to collect dust in the basement instead. Whilst we were moving everything it got me thinking of all of the random little things that I found to be the most useful throughout my four years in school.

While all the change of going to college can be a tad stressful and a bit much, it is a really exciting stage in life. As a gal who loves shopping I was initially excited about getting to buy a bunch of new stuff for my dorm room and being able to decorate a whole new space. But there is also a whole lot more that you need for a dorm than just pretty bedding and cute things to hang on the wall. 

With a simple Google or Pinterest search you will be able to find hundreds of dorm check-lists hoping to make a college freshman's transition easier. But if you are anything like me, one glance at those lists make your stomach turn as you try to decipher the things that you actually need from the hundreds of items listed. So today I wanted to give a little college freshman a hand out there and talk about some of the things that I actually found useful in school as well as some tips to help in trying to figure what you actually need and what will fit in your dorm room.

Jewelry Organizer // Doesn't take up any floor space and can easily store all of your loose jewelry floating around.

Scarf Hanger // Again takes up minimal floor space and an easy way to store and organize all of your loose scarves and I even hung my belts up on it too.

Door Hooks // Do you see a theme? Whenever you can hang anything it's a lifesaver.

Steamer // Okay so I never got a steamer and I feel like every dorm advice page, getting an iron is such a taboo. I ended up getting a mini iron and an ironing mat, but if I could go back I would totally go with a mini steamer. My roommate had one of these and they are just so much easier than an iron.

Folding Step Stool // Just a useful thing to have on hand that I didn't realize freshman year. Especially if your bed is high, it makes getting in and out of bed a breeze.

Command Hooks // These are lifesavers. I ended up having a collection of all sorts of hooks, velcro strips, and poster strips throughout college.

Compact Drying Rack // Great for if you don't put all of your clothing in the dryer, like myself. The compact ones aren't as wide as normal ones and are easy to fold up and store when not in use.

Clorox Wipes // Your cleaning savior. Clorox wipes make cleaning a breeze and you can use them to clean so many different things.


I completely understand how difficult buying things to fill a space that you have never been in can be. While at the base of it all college dorm rooms are similar, it's the slight differences at each school or even each building that always seem to make all of the difference.

My first tip would be to try to research as much as you can about your dorm before deciding what all you might need. Whether you scour your university's website, like I did, for more information, or try Googling it, when I did this my freshman year and it definitely helped a lot when trying to decide what I needed. For example, I knew that I could adjust the height of my bed beforehand so I decided not to invest in those bed risers.

Some information to look for that you might find helpful include:
  • What furniture does your school provide for you?
    • Is your bed a twin or a twin XL?
    • Can you adjust the height of the bed?
    • Does the room have dressers or nightstands?
    • Does the desk come with a storage shelf?
    • Can you adjust the height of the bed?
  • What type of bathrooms will you have?
  • See if you can find the dimensions of the room.
Second if you haven't already talk to your roommate. First college lesson: communication is key when living with someone. Ask them about their ideas for the room, like if they want to coordinate or if they have had any ideas of things to bring. I also recommend splitting up bigger ticket items, such as the microwave, mini-fridge, television, and coffee maker.

My last little tip is that you can't be too organized. I am not a very organized person, much to my chagrin, and the idea of buying a bunch of things to put other things in was super intimidating. Let me tell you, from my experience there is no such thing as too much storage.

Sorry this might not have been the most exciting post, but hopefully it helped someone out there going back to school!!

Thanks for reading!!

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