Friday, July 28, 2017


Hi there! I hope everyone's summer is going well so far! My has recently slowed down a bit, but it's left me in kind of a rut. I started applying for some jobs this week, so hopefully having something to do will help. I have to say though with all of the back to school stuff coming out I am totally ready for fall. I am tired of humid 90 degree days. Yesterday it was overcast with a high of 88 degrees and 70% humidity, yuck.

I may or may not have mentioned this before but I am a big Zoella fangirl. First I have been obsessing over her new house which you can catch snippets of in her recent vlogs. But, she was also recently a guest on this podcast where she discusses everything from her new home, to her career, and her struggles with mental health. 100% recommend.

If you are going to (or back to) college this year check out Ikea's Back to College page! They have everything from shopping lists, to a style quiz, and a College 101 guide!

Speaking of Ikea, Ikea is releasing some new products in August and they are to die for.

How travel can help you to be more creative, through opening you up to new perspectives. Not exactly groundbreaking but a refreshing read.

Not all of us can have the organizational skills of Monica Gellar, but here's a guide on how often you should clean things in your home!

An interesting piece on the use of clothing in politics, or as the New York Times refers to it "Pantone Politics." It includes three of my favorite things: fashion, politics, and the Royal Family (I guess four if you include Pantone).

A great piece from PLL star, Troian Bellisario, on her new movie that she is not only starring in but also wrote and produced, and why she wanted to focus on eating disorders.

33 Things You Need to Buy at Trader Joe's!

Gucci-esqe loafers at such a great price!

This apartment is what dreams are made of.

Hope it's mild and sunny where you are!!
Thanks for reading!!

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