Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chronicles of a Modern Gal

Hello folks! So things may be looking a little different around here as I've recently decided to change things up a bit around here! Being a recent college graduate, about to step into the "real world" I have been wanting to buckle down and get more serious about blogging! With that I wanted to give my blog a little update to make sure that it felt like me. So while I am at home and should be looking for jobs, I am instead glued to the computer updating my blog, which I don't mind at all! Though let me tell you these past few days have left my brain in quite a tizzy. Like you know that saying "My brain has too many tabs open." First, that's my brain all of the time and then doing anything remotely creative it just gets ten times more intense, but alas isn't that the brain of every unorganized creative type?

The first thing you may notice is that my blog is no longer Wanderlust & Wardrobes. Wanderlust & Wardrobes was a name I thought of on a whim years ago when I decided to give blogging a go. It was a name that I was never very attached to and it never grew on me. So, my first step with that was giving the blog a brand new name. I spent many a days brainstorming and coming up with a thousand combinations of things before finally settling on Chronicles of a Modern Gal. When I came up with Wanderlust & Wardrobes it was simply because I liked to travel and I liked clothes. But as the years have gone by I know my blog is more "lifestyle" and not just clothes and travel. I wanted my blog name to feel more like me, which if I had a nicer sounding and shorter name I probably would just use my name, but Amanda Howdershell isn't exactly catchy or easy to remember, so it was time to brainstorm. I loved the idea of the blog name having an editorial feel to it, but I didn't want to limit my blog to a specific category, as I am a modern lady with a variety of interests! So Chronicles of a Modern Gal was born!

I've also changed the layout of my blog a little bit, I spent too much time working on all of these changes. But I think I got my blog to a place that I am more happy with! I'll probably be changing things around as the time goes by, but this is all my patience and my scattery brain can handle for right now.

I hope you like all of the changes!
Thanks for reading!!

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