Friday, June 23, 2017

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Hi friends!! Back at it again!! So I promise that I am going to get around to posting graduations pictures and Italy posts eventually, but in the meantime I wanted to make another links post (as you do). I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer so far! It's crazy to think that the official first day of summer was only this past Wednesday, it already feels like it has been summer for ages!! I've already been on a two week trips to Italy, went to the beach last weekend, and then I'm going to the beach again this weekend!! I'm heading down to Nags Head this weekend which by the way I'm super excited about! I grew up going to the beach in Bethany Beach because my family has a beach house there (which is where I went last weekend), so I haven't been to many other East Coast beaches apart from there. Everyone always raves about how great the Outer Banks are so I can't wait to see for myself! Are you all up to anything fun this weekend?

PSA the Zara sale has officially started!!

I've been into trying new things with my hair recently so here are 16 summer hairstyles!

A summer reading list that has a good mix different types of reads, from lighter chick-lit to some more substantial reads.

Speaking of summer reads I currently have this book out from the library. I've been a longtime Sophie Kinsella fan so I cannot wait to read it!

These delish looking raspberry and pistachio muffins from one of my faves!

The trailer for Lily Collins' new movie, To the Bone was released. I'm excited about this movie because I love Lily Collins and I also think this will open up a good conversation not only about eating disorders but also how almost every young woman struggles with self image on some level.

An article on one of my faves Christina Tosi aka the girl behind Milk Bar.

Thanks for reading!!

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