Monday, January 9, 2017

Things I've Been Loving

(Cheesy quote to start the year off)
Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and spending time with family and friends!! 

So I've been kind of brainstorming a few different ideas for a blogpost and remembered making one of these "favorites" posts literally exactly a year ago. I wanted to post something a little sooner, but alas here we are. What's funny is that when I originally posted this last year I had the intention of doing these on a monthly basis and here I am a year later and this is only the third one I have made (el oh el). Anyways I like these posts because they are kind of a life update where a share little about what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, what I'm liking, as well as a couple rando pictures!
watching // Sherlock. Omg. I know I mentioned this a few posts back, but omg. I never thought I would be that girl obsessed with Sherlock, yet here I am. Seriously if you have not watched Sherlock yet, you must! As I said before the show is just really well done and it just has a very British feel to it. The characters are all really quirky and the humor is dry (which I have a fondness for both quirkiness and dry humor) and it's great. Edit: Omg. Last night's episode. oMg.

planning // What I want to do during my last week home before I head back to start my last semester of college!! Ahh!!

wanting // To go to Europe. And everything that looks the least bit cozy, aka any and every boucle, sherpa, and/or shearling coat on the market. Speaking of coats! I tried on this coat the other day at Nordstrom and they had it accidentally marked down and when I came back about a week later I upsettingly found out they corrected their mistakes. Super cute coat though, Topshop seriously make the best coats.

loving // A recent blogger fave that I have been loving has been "What Olivia Did..." Which she also fairly frequently will post videos to YouTube too, and I love her channel too. First off I just love her style it's a great balance of girly and casual and trendy and classic, she also has a great balance of fashion-y posts and more lifestyle related things, and lastly she just comes across really authentically and has a lot of personality which I love.

reading // Need. book. recommendations. I haven't read anything over break yet and it's actually really upsetting. I did get The Year of Cozy for Christmas so I have been flipping through that and I love it!
missing // My little pup during the holidays. :( Life without a dog is lonely. Also watching Sherlock has been making me miss London too.

feeling // Excited and nervous for the new year. This year brings lots of endings and hopefully lots of beginnings and I am anxious to see what happens!
wearing // So I got this robe for Christmas and wear it whenever appropriate. It is literally the best thing ever especially when it is a toasty 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

eating // Omg. Halloumi cheese. My recent favorite lunch has been some fried up halloumi, cut up veggies, and hummus, yum! I've also been loving Flahavan's oatmeal for breakfast. I am a grandma and I love oatmeal and Flahavan's oats are seriously so. good. They're just so creamy and have a better flavor.

drinking // Recently I have been enjoying a late afternoon cup of tea, and recently I have been indulging in the Royal Blend from Fortnum and Mason.

listening // I forreal need new music, I have been at a lost of what to listen to for the past few months.
Looking [forward to] // Using my new agenda!! I bought this planner from Rifle Paper Co back in August not realizing it didn't start until January 2017, so I am so excited I can finally use it!!

Thanks for reading!!

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