Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recent Etsy Finds

Etsy is a glorious black hole. I love Etsy, in case you have been living in a cave Etsy is an website that allows essentially anyone to easily open a shop and sell whatever their little heart desires. So Etsy is a platform that allows small business owners to easily get their foot in the door and sell the things they create, so they have a wide variety of unique and handmade pieces as well as it is a cool source to find cool vintage things as well.

I have been scouring the pages of Etsy recently and have recently stumbled across some really cool shops that I of course wanted to share!! I chose five shops that I have been loving to share, which I might end up making multiple posts like this just because there are so many shops that I love!!

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Total Rifle Paper Company-esque. This shop is full of the cutest stationary bits from notebooks, notepads, calendars, and an adorable selection of cards. As well as adorable prints, banners, and hoops. All of her designs are just so lovely that anyone would love them!

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I love all of the colorful and quirky designs that And Smile offers, they sell a variety of prints and pins that are just darling. She has everything from pop culture references like the Sherlock and Watson print (and I am dying over this pin set) to just darling designs of her own.

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I love this shop it has the right amount of edginess and quirkiness, it's the cutest shop of hand embroidered pieces. They sell things from embroidered t-shirts, socks, the most adorable peter pan collars, and even dabble a bit with pins, and each item is complete with sassy sayings and cute images. If you like sassy sweet things this is definitely the shop for you!

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Yet another stationary focused shop but what can I say, I just love stationary. Their designs all have kind of an old school americana feel to them and all are just beautifully illustrated. The typography on the greeting card is literally to die for. They sell everything from maps, stickers, pins & patches, notebooks, cards, and even some hats!

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One of my first Etsy shop discoveries and a long time favorite of mine! Nikki is well known for these adorable biscuit pillows and has branched out into other things like pins & patches, a variety of accessories, some wall decor, and some stationary. Who would've thought making things out of English biscuits would be so adorable?!

As I mentioned before these Etsy shops are just a selection of favorites and I hope to do more posts like this! Do you have any favorite Etsy shops?

Thanks for reading!!

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