Friday, December 2, 2016

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I feel as though all I ever make are these "Links" posts but that is because I really enjoy them. It is fun finding cool links to share, and just updating y'all on a few of the going-ons in my life and things that I am enjoying.

One week down, twoish more to go! Let me tell you, coming back to school after having a week off has been the struggle. This semester has just been a bit much, and by the time Thanksgiving Break rolled around I was already burnt out. But all I have left is one more week of classes and then exams, so I can do it! While I am dreading these next couple of weeks I think I will also enjoy them, because the holidays are always fun and I have a lot of fun plans coming up! Also, my roommates and I decided to go all out this year and we all split the cost of a little Christmas tree to put in our apartment, which is fun and festive.

The Gilmore Girls revival came out just a week ago, and it was awesomely frustrating! If you have watched you might agree with these 39 questions that need to be answered.

A cool 360 video on the making of Bergdorf Goodman's holiday window displays, maybe actual dream job material.

Fun fact: I love Scandinavian decor and Scandinavian Christmas so I was all for this post of 10 Scandinavian Holiday Decorating Ideas.

In case you haven't noticed I am in love with Julia's style and this post of affordable holiday outfits is no exception.

If you have the $$$ to spend Topshop has some of the cutest dresses for the holidays right now! (like thisthis, this, this, and this! and in love with this just in general)

Speaking of holiday wear I've been kind of digging these metallic pleated skirts, not sure if I could ever pull one off though...

Have you heard? You can now watch Netflix offline!!

Last, since it is officially December here is my Christmas playlist.

Ohh, one last link that I literally just discovered lol. But I literally just found this Insta account and it is glorious.

Thanks for reading!!

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