Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Things I've Been Loving // May 2016

When I first made this post back in January, my intention was to do these every month of the year. But, alas sometimes life gets in the way. I feel like my life this year has just been an up and down roller coaster, and the irony of this is that I am making a post about things I have been loving in May but as a matter of fact I have not been loving the month of May 2016.

This month has been a really hard month. Starting off with not really looking forward to coming home from school for the summer, to having to unexpectedly put my dog down, to a cancer scare with my mom, to the horrendous weather, it's been a real fun month. 

Another irony is I made this post back in April one night when I could not sleep because I was so excited for summer and summer gets here and it has been crap so far. I wish I could some this up by saying something positive and optimistic like oh this is all part of God's plan and everything will fall into place, which is true by the way, but to be completely real and 100% right now, I am totally not in that frame of mind right now.

But, I do have some things that I have been loving this month that have helped make this month a little smoother and helped to cheer me up some, and I wanted to share some of them with you guys.

I finished this month off with a fun trip to the beach with some of my best buds! It was definitely much needed and by far the most fun I have had so far this summer!!

watching // During the whole ordeal with my dog, my family started watching "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and I loved it. It's so funny and lighthearted and ridiculous all the characters are so lovable. I also finally finished "Gilmore Girls", I only had like 4 more episodes left but I finally finished and the ending was kind of blah, but I am super excited for the revival now!!

My sweet little pup.
wanting // This angel pug Skinny Dip phone case for my pug angel. 

reading // I love contemporary YA and I read The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson and I loved it. Not quite as much as Since You've Been Gone, but I would still recommend. I am super excited to read The Rose and the Dagger and The Winner's Kiss, which both came out this month too, I have them on hold at the library and I cannot wait until they come in!

missing // My sweet baby pug. :'(

feeling // Exhausted and unmotivated, this month has been really tough and it has just left me feeling really down.

wearing // Jeans far too often, up until last week it has been cold and rainy all freakin month.

eating // I have been baking way too many chocolate chip cookies but they are my comfort food and make everything (maybe not quite) better.

drinking // I make some bomb homemade iced lattes, and I drink too many.

listening // A lot of Kings Kaleidoscope, trying to get a better frame of mind. Also, I really like listening to country music in the summer.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. This ice crem looks so so yummy!!

  2. Sorry to hear it was a tough month, but sounds like you're doing all of the right things to cheer up! Chocolate chip cookies and a bit of binge watching always helps. ;)


    1. aw, I just saw this! Thank you so much!! hahah yes! chocolate and Netflix are always good!!