Monday, April 4, 2016

London // Places to Shop

Well, I have finally reached the end of my London posts! Today I am finally going to be sharing some places to shop in London! Enjoy!

Harrods is a London classic. It is a super high end department store and while you probably won't be doing much shopping there, it is 100% worth checking out. It is the fanciest department store I have ever been it, it makes Saks Fifth Avenue look like Macy's.

It's no secret that I love Liberty (seen here) and while Harrods is definitely worth the visit, Liberty is more of my tastes. While the price tag is still not in my range, the aesthetic of the store was enough to please my fancies (lol).


Primark. Omg. I have waited years to visit Primark and it was just as magical as I thought it would be. Now, it was crazy busy and it is huge and there is a ton of stuff. But, the prices are what make it worth everything. Primark is dirt cheap and they have super on trend things. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I was a fan and so was the rest of my family.

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston. Again, the style of Cath Kidston is basically every girly thing I love all wrapped up into one package. Again, just the aesthetic of the store is totally worth the visit. Cath Kidston is on the pricier side, especially the clothing, but they have super adorable homeware things too that are a bit more affordable. AKA they have the cutest mugs. It is definitely worth checking out, especially because the shipping to the US on their website is ridiculous.


All I really have to say is you cannot go to the UK and not go to Topshop. Also, Topshop is one of the few things that is actually cheaper to buy in the UK than it is in the US.

Carnaby Street

Right behind Liberty of London, Carnaby Street is a pedestrian street full of fun little shops and cafes, like Jack Wills and Monki and some other fun little quirky shops.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is another greet shopping street in London, it is probably comparable to 5th Avenue except maybe not a ritzy. You'll find stores like Primark, Selfridges, and a Lush that has products that are exclusive to only this store.

Now, there is obviously tons more of shopping in London but these are just the places we went and enjoyed! We never got to explore areas like Covent Garden and Kikki.K (literally the cutest stationary), which is just why I'll have to go back!

Thanks for reading!!

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