Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chick Flicks

Chick flicks are 100% my guilty pleasure. I just love me a good chick flick and I can never get enough. With that being said I thought it would be fun to discuss my top 5 chick flicks, which let me tell you narrowing this down to 5 movies was a feat. But, nonetheless I somehow managed to do so. Btw, may I mention this list is not concrete, so it may fluctuate... lol

5. 13 Going on 30
This movie is a classic and will forever have a special place in my heart. Real talk: this was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw. Growing up this was my friend and I's go-to movie. I actually just recently watched this (PSA: It's on Netflix) and I had forgotten how good it was!

4. The Parent Trap
Talk about another classic. I could watch this movie over and over and it would never get old! 

3. The Fault in Our Stars
I am a bit ashamed to have this movie on here, which I totally shouldn't be! But Augustus Waters.... I literally wish he was a real person... hah.

2. Titanic
So, similar to 13 Going on 30 Titanic was my first cheesy, romancy, chick flick. I mean I could never get tired of this movie. Actually most of the time when I watch this I don't even watch the whole this, once the boat starts sinking it's basically over. But, young Leo DiCap... heh.

1. Love, Rosie
So this is a fairly recent movie, but I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS MOVIE. The casting is perfect, the plot enthralls you and it's the perfect mix of funny and heartfelt.

Honorable mentions:
Pride & Prejudice
The Proposal
Mamma Mia
Funny Face

What are some of your favorite chick flicks?

Thanks for reading!!

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