Monday, February 8, 2016

London // Places To Eat // Part Two

Little did I know when I decided to make these London posts it would take me six months. Anyways, today I am doing the Places to Eat in London Part Two. If you would like to see part 1 you can click here. Part 1 I talked about more meal restaurants whereas in this post I am going to be sharing more snacky/dessert places, and of course places to get tea!!


So choosing where we going to have tea was all up to me, which was actually the struggle as you can get tea just about anywhere in London. I decided to go for one traditional tea and one less traditional option.

You can't visit England without having afternoon tea! Fortnum and Mason was my pick for a traditional tea experience. This is definitely a splurge but it was oh so worth it. If you're looking for a really traditional tea, that's fancy, with good service, and pages and pages of different types of teas I definitely recommend Fortnum and Mason.

For our second tea I ultimately decided to go for the tea at The Sanderson Hotel, as they were doing a special Alice in Wonderland themed tea, Sketch was definitely a runner up though. While tea at The Sanderson wasn't on par with tea at Fortnum and Mason, it was still a lot of fun. I loved all of the little Alice in Wonderland themed touches and of course the marble table was an excellent backdrop for photos.


So Paul is actually an international chain that started in Paris, but it is really good. After climbing up and down St. Paul's Cathedral everyone in my family needed a little pick me up. We spotted Paul across the street and made beeline to it. I ended up getting this giant raspberry macaron and it was heavenly. Definitely not the healthiest afternoon snack, but hey we were on vacation.

Okay, this might be the best gelato I have ever eaten in my life. My family definitely ate more than enough of our share of gelato on this trip and Gelupo might take the cake for being the best. Not only was gelato delicious (I got chocolate hazelnut and pistachio), but the shop was super cute too! It had an adorable old school, soda fountain feel to it.

Amorino is another Parisian based chain, but I super recommend it too. I mean, they make your ice cream into a flower so.... I got stracciatella, chocolate hazelnut, and the pink is either raspberry or strawberry.

Yet again, another Parisian based chain, but I can't go to a city with Laduree and not talk about it. I actually didn't get any this trip, but the Laduree in Harrod's was the cutest. If you've never had Laduree or macarons before if you ever see a Laduree you must go! I love it! 

There were actually less places on this list than I thought there would be. But, I hope you guys enjoyed! I can't believe I only have one more London post left!

Thanks for reading!!

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