Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Woo! Hope you guys had a great first week of February! I have mixed feelings about February, and this time of year in general. February is exciting because my birthday is this month and Valentine's Day can be fun whether your in a relationship or not. But January, February, and March always just leave me feeling down. Winter has officially arrived and there is no escaping it, definitely ready for some warmer weather and sunny days. Anyways, I am so thankful that the weekend is finally here. After a busy weekend last week, spending two hours changing my windshield wipers (don't ask) and a jammed packed Sunday, I am more than ready for a chill weekend. Also, the Super Bowl is this weekend! I mean Coldplay is 1/3 of the halftime show, which is enough of a reason to watch.

This blogpost has officially left me wanting to start Bible journaling. I always thought they were pretty to look at, but I haven't been that interested in actually doing it until now.

The Me Before You trailor was released this week and I am much excite. I read the book last year and while it wasn't my favorite book ever, I would totally go see the movie. Also two words: Sam Claflin. 

All the fashion weeks are about to start and I know I always get confused of when what is happening when, so here's a calendar of all the dates.

This jacket is so cute and great for spring and such a good price, I'm such a sucker for nautical things.

It was announced last week that Netflix is officially making a Gilmore Girls reunion series! I officially now have to finish season 7!!

Zayn dropped his first single, Pillowtalk, and as much as I hate admitting it, it's actually really good.

Tips for eating healthy on a budget, every college student knows this is literally the struggle.

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