Friday, January 15, 2016



Well, my last week of break is over and class starts Tuesday. I am looking forward to getting back to having a routine, but at the same time break went by so fast... As it always does. This seemed to be a week full of movies. I started off the week watching the Golden Globes! Which, I'm usually not super into celebrity stuff but man I just like watching award shows! I also caught up with Star Wars this week, well the original three. After seeing the new movie I wanted to know the rest of the story, thankfully my dad is a big Star Wars fan and has the original three movies, so we watched those. I still do want to watch the first three (or the prequels), though even though everyone hates them. I can say that I actually like Star Wars. I never had anything against Star Wars, it just never interested me before. After finishing Episode VI, I then proceeded to watch this documentary on the movies, lol.... Hey! It was really interesting. I digress... Anyways, I have some links to share with you today!

Oscar nominations were released this week, super exciting!!

Stumbled across this picture earlier this week and it is the description of my life.

I was super sad to hear that Alan Rickman passed away this week (aka Snape). BuzzFeed compiled this post of 23 of the Best Professor Snape Moments in honor of him. Seriously, if you don't have a soft spot for Severus Snape than you have no heart.

I'm in need of a new phone case and I have been eyeing this one, so fun!

Adele Carpool Karaoke

Gray Malin's home tour, enough said.

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