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This past week has definitely been on the busier side, between running around trying to get ready to go back to school in about two weeks and trying to get ready for vacation in London next week! On top of that I also had to get a root canal on Monday which I swear we found just in the nick of time! My tooth had been hurting a tiny bit on and off for about a month but I was hoping it would go away. Much to my chagrin, it got so bad near the end of last week that I had trouble sleeping. So, I went to the dentist Saturday morning (yes my dentist is randomly open every other Saturday) and surprise I needed a root canal. So I had the root canal procedure on Tuesday and I have the follow up on Monday, then I leave for London on Wednesday and I'm going to school right after I get home,  literally discovered that just in time. FYI even though there are thousands of rumors around that root canals are the most painful procedure, they don't hurt anymore than getting a cavity filled. I've had a bunch of other random things going on too, but say the least this week as been exhausting. But hey! This time next week I'll be in London! 

Anyways, I always like it when bloggers share interesting links from the past week, so that's what I am going to do today! Enjoy!

Design Darling is celebrating their 3rd birthday with 20% off the whole website! A few things I love are this, this, this, and this.

The Magic of Audrey Hepburn. Also here is an older article where her son shared some more personal details of her life. There's currently an exhibit on her at the National Portrait Gallery in London and I am 110% going.

This might be TMI but I have discovered a new favorite bra this week! It is pricey but I ordered mine during the final days of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and it is so comfortable. I blame my mom for introducing me to nice bras because I can no longer do Aerie and Victoria's Secret anymore.

This list of "signs" you were raised in Northern Virginia. I always think these lists are funny and weirdly accurate. I can't say the entire list is entirely true (like being used to traffic), but some of these are so spot on. My personal favorite is #12.

This post is love. Not only is Julia's outfit in this post perfect, but also the location and just the pictures in general. *heart eye emoji*

There's now a Warby Parker pop-in shop at Nordstrom!!

Have you stumbled across anything interesting this week?
Thanks for reading!!

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