Friday, July 17, 2015

Warby Parker

I recently got a new pair of glasses and it's safe to say I am super excited about them! I have been eyeing Warby Parker glasses for ages and am now a proud owner of my very own pair!

If you don't know what Warby Parker is it is primarily an online glasses company, which sounds a bit iffy at first right? Typically when buying a pair of glasses you want to try them on, so you know they look good on your face. Well, Warby Parker actually has a trial session where you pick out five of your favorite frames that they'll ship to you to try on for free. Yes, free.

So, Warby Parker does explain how their whole system works on their website. But ordering glasses online, for those who've never done before is a bit foreign and nerve wracking. I thought I would share about my experience with ordering my glasses and hopefully make anyone considering ordering a pair more comfortable.

As previously mentioned, Warby Parker does have an at-home try on program where you can pick five pairs of your favorite frames to try on with no cost. So obviously I took advantage of this.

Everything all came nicely packaged in this box. They also came with a return label, so after 5 days you can just stick that on the box and drop it off at the post office.

So these are all the frames that I picked out to try one. For those curious about what frame are shown in the picture, started at the top going clockwise:

Note: the trial glasses they send are fairly cheap quality but that's because you are just trying them on to see how the frames fit your face.

After you find your favorite pair you can go back on the website and order them! You just send in a picture of your prescription as well as give them your pupillary distance measurements. They have a tool on their website where you can measure you pupillary distance. But I was too nervous I'd mess it up, so just went to an optician and got my measurements there.

Real quick before I "reveal" my glasses, the other great thing about this brand is that a pair of prescription glasses are only $95. Which if you wear glasses you'll know that is a really good deal, that's like a couple hundred dollars less than a pair of designer sunglasses!

Also, when you check out they'll ask you if you want high index lenses for an extra $30. Which I guess allows people with higher prescriptions have thinner frames. I did not choose this option, they actually emailed me about it again because my prescription in my left eye is slightly stronger, but I still said no. So, I would say if you have no idea what that is you probably don't really need to worry about it.

So, the glasses I ended up going with:

Are the Ainsworth! These were actually my favorite when I was picking out my 5 frames to try-on, but I didn't really expect for them to be my favorites when trying them on! I have these in the walnut tortoise color, which I am in love with. The runners-up were the Finch was a close second and I also really like the shape of the Greenleaf, but the whiskey tortoise color was too dark against my skin tone, pale people problems.

I am really happy with my experience with the company. Overall I think Warby Parker is a really awesome company and I noticed that they are really willing to help you with your purchase. So, if you have any more specific questions I wouldn't hesitate to contact someone at Warby Parker about it! Hopefully this helped clarify how the process works!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I love Warby Parker!! The frames you chose are super cute!

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